Strings Ramen Shop Chicago

Strings Ramen Shop Chicago

Strings, get your slurp on – deep in the heart of Chinatown, there is a golden treasure.  A hidden gem that you may not see shining from the outside, but once you enter its doors you realize that your whole life has lead you to this moment in your food journey.  A time where before now you may have thought of ramen as a cheap, bland bag of crunchy noodles college students eat because they’re broke and living on a budget.  Those days will slowly fade away as you indulge in the rich and decant possibilities that authentic Japanese ramen can offer.  

Strings Ramen Shop is the goodness you’ve been craving all of your noodle hunting days.  At Strings they really produce authentic handcrafted noodles much like what you would find in Japan.  Although ramen is just basically broth, veggies or meat and noodles of course, the way the noodles are prepared and the love and passion put into the food really shines through at Strings.  Handcrafted noodles that are not of your Top Ramen days, are hearty, delicious and well easy to slurp.

The noodles here are meant to be slurped, and slurped loudly.  Their menus even explain proper ramen eating etiquette as the louder the better and that you should be heard from across the restaurant.  So slurp away.  No one’s there to judge you.  In fact the more you slurp the better they know you’re enjoying your noodles. 

As far as broth base goes you have essentially two routes: do you want a hearty, heavier, meatier broth or a more standard clear, lighter and refreshing broth to accompany your noodles?  Both and all options will work in your favor, but for this particular occasion I was feeling hungry.  Real hungry, and ordered the kura buta tonkotsu ramen with a side of egg.  If you’re thinking, “I have no idea what that is,” you’re not alone.  Upon my first read through of the menu I looked patiently around like a lost puppy wondering what any of the menu meant and what in the world kura buta was.  Luckily we had a very happy and helpful waiter who patiently explained to me that kura buta was the pork option, and kamo and kura buta was duck and pork in your bowl.  I was already familiar with tonkotsu being the heavier soup broth and at Strings they broil black boar bone for 48 hours to get it to reach its peak flavor.  Basic in principle there are many sides and extras you can add to your soup, in my case I got the egg which I would highly, and I mean highly recommend.  I’m not an egg person most of the time, but this was possibly the most perfectly cooked egg I’ve ever seen and equally delicious in addition to appearance.  

This is the kind of food that warms the soul and inspires happy thoughts with friends in a sleek environment suitable for hangouts or a perfect date night spot.  If you’re willing to make the trek out to Chinatown or are in the area, it is well worth it.  What have you got to lose? The entire bowl is under $15 and will keep you happy and full the rest of your day.  So go ahead, get your slurp on!  

Located on:

2141 S. Archer Ave. 

Chicago, IL 60616