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A New Way to Fight Poverty

A New Way to Fight Poverty

Paul Ryan on Poverty

House Republican and Chairman of the House Budget Committee, Paul Ryan (R-WI) presented a new approach to the way that the government could fight poverty.

On Thursday morning at a conference involving the American Enterprise Institute, Ryan spoke for approximately 16 minutes about a plan that would decrease the influence that the Federal Government would have over the country’s fight against poverty, relying more on the free-market and individual states to solve the issues themselves.

Ryan proposed that the Federal Government would consolidate 11 programs into one stream of money that would be given to participating states, with four major stipulations:

  1. The money must be used for the people, and not on roads or other state programs
  2. Every person receiving help who can work, should work
  3. There must be at least one alternative option for the people receiving help (e.g. a non-profit organization like a church)
  4. The states must evaluate its results and report them back to the Federal Government

This plan is aimed at allowing states to provide programs and assistance that would be of benefit to their people only, thereby reducing the bureaucracy of that comes with a large federal government.

Ryan classified the Federal Government’s role as “protecting the supply lines,” and delegating more individual responsibility to each state.

To hear his entire presentation in full, watch the clip, linked above.