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Malaysian Airlines plane shot down over Ukraine

Malaysian Airlines plane shot down over Ukraine

Photo Credit: Aero Icarus / Wikimedia Commons


Update: Death total raised to 298 people, and one of the plane’s black boxes may be missing

Another Malaysian Airlines plane crash has once again captured the world’s attention.

Malaysian Airlines flight MH-17 was carrying 298 people in route to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam Thursday, but never made it past Ukraine. The plane was downed about 35 miles away from the Russian border in the Donetsk region . Officials said there were no survivors.

Ukrainian officials believe the plane was shot down by a group of separatist rebels with a Buk missile. It has been reported that two Ukrainian military jets and one Ukrainian cargo plane were shot down in the area earlier this week. Ukraine’s intelligence agency, the S.B.U., released an intercepted audio recording Thursday of a conversation they claim to be between two separatist rebels and two Russian military officials. However, the authenticity of the tape is still trying to be determined.

Malaysian Airlines announced that it will continue flying to Kuala Lumpur, but will take an alternate route.

Russia and Ukraine have agreed to a ceasefire in the region to allow authorities to investigate the crash. President Obama and other world leaders have offered to help Ukraine with the investigation. Yet, there are concerns that the site has been tampered with. Looters have been in the area, and reports surfaced that pro-Russian separatist rebels have taken one of the plane’s black boxes, which contains flight data, to Moscow.

President Obama will have a press conference about the situation in Ukraine at 10:30 am. C.D.T.

More details will emerge as local authorities and Malaysian Airlines are investigating the crash. Check back for updates.