Illinois State Police participating in I-90/I-94 challenge

Illinois State Police participating in I-90/I-94 challenge

Caption: Truck Drivers are among the motorists that will be targeted in an Illinois State Police public safety initiative.


The Illinois State Police will join 15 other states in a public safety initiative this weekend by participating in the I-90/I-94 Challenge.

The I-90/I-94 Challenge is part of the International Association of Chiefs of Police’s “The Drive Campaign” that aims to reduce traffic deaths and injuries across the country. According to a press release issued by the Illinois State Police, officers will look for drivers who are speeding, who appear to be under the influence or carrying illegal substances, who are not wearing seat belts, and distracted drivers.

Illinois State Police also said in the release that there will be “aggressive enforcement” of Commercial Motor Vehicle safety. Officers will conduct truck inspections and look for mechanical issues, log books, drivers without a license, overweight trucks and trailers, and CMV out of service violations. Especially log books, since it was discovered that the truck driver of the fatal I-55 crash manipulated the hours in his log book to drive more hours than he legally was allowed.

The safety initiative began at midnight and will last through August 4.