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The Edge Unstoppable tour, currently making its way across the country, Monday October 26th invited Chicagoland consumers (and select media) to drive the all-new 2016 Ford Edge, get to know its innovative driver assist technologies while experiencing it within a downtown landscape, and enjoy a three-course meal at a local eatery!

We had a chance to chat more about the event, the all-new Edge and Ford future plans with Ginger Kasanic, Ford Experiential Marketing Manager – Utility Vehicles & Technology.


Are you planning to do other events like this for the Edge in other cities or states?

The tour is a seven-week test-drive that goes to seven markets – Boston, Tri-State, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Following Chicago, we will be in Denver Oct. 31 – Nov. 4, San Francisco Nov. 9 – 14, and Los Angeles Nov. 16 – 21. The tour hosts 2-3 culinary events per market, but we also take over gyms and fitness studios, as well as host test-drives at business parks, hitting the culinary/entertainment, fitness, and business pillars.


Are you planning to do the presentations like this for any other models Ford is currently offering and/or releasing in the nearest future? 

Ford is always looking to connect with consumers by identifying their passions and engaging them in the midst of doing what they enjoy, allowing Ford to interact with people in a non-traditional, non-intrusive way.  Test-drive programs like this puts Ford vehicles in the hands of our audience where they are already active, and we currently have several experiential programs live in markets (i.e.: Ford Experience Tour).


How many people overall attended the event on Monday?  

Each culinary experience allows Ford to host between 180-200 people in one evening and depends on the size of the venue we select.

As far as I know, everyone who attended the event got a $750 coupon directly from Ford, redeemable for a car purchase at any of the dealerships. Is there a chance for those who missed the event but want to purchase a Ford model to obtain one as well? 

We reserve these private cash offers to those who attend the events and register with the program. However, to find a list of incentives and offers available, please visit www.ford.com/incentives.


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