760 убийств произошло в Чикаго в прошлом году

760 убийств произошло в Чикаго в прошлом году
Тысячи жителей вышли на Magnificent Mag Mile с крестами, символизирующими всех жертв насилия в Чикаго в 2016-м году. 

Hundreds of crosses being drop off on Michagan Ave reading the names of victims of gun violence of 2016.

Two family members hold arms sorrounding them are the 760 victims of gun violence.

Eliiah Turner Jones family members talk to reportes of her sons death in December 6, 2016.

Family member of Robert Porter holds a charming a photo of Robert who was killed September 04, 2016.

Family of victims of gun violence gather around Rev. Jesses Jackson has he prays and address the violence of Chicago on Michigan Ave.

Rev. Jesse Jackson holds vigil in the heart of Michigan Ave as Chicago ends with 760 homicides.

Rev. Jesse Jackson and Greg Zanis held a march of awereness down Chicago’s Magnificent Mag Mile.

Hundrends march down Michigan Ave holding crosses and photographs of victims of gun violnce.

Hundrends march down Michigan Ave holding crosses and photographs of victims of gun violnce.

Father Pfleger holds a cross of love of the many victims of gun violence in Chicago.

Father Pfleger waits has hundreds are gather as they walk down Michigan Ave as the violnce of Chicago hasn’t stop.

Father Pfleger gathers thousand in march down Michigan Ave demanding the violnce to stop.

Community member of Saint Sabina Church over looks the hundres of crosses of victims of gun violnce who died in 2016.

Familiy members

Women carries a sign demanding the mayor to stop the gun violnce in Chicago.

Greg Zanis from Aurora who crafted and built each cross comfertes family members affecred by gun violence.

Greg Zanis holds arms with a mother who lost her son of the endlees gun violcen that plagues Chicago.

Father of Deandre Holiday talks to a reporter in the death of his son.

Family member picks up cross as Father Pfleger instructes people to take a cross and march down the Magnificent Mag Mile.

Volunteers help Father Pfleger put crosses along Michigan Ave with the names of the victims of gun violence.

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