THE Autobarn Tech Center: Made by Enthusiasts

THE Autobarn Tech Center: Made by Enthusiasts

Three years ago, in a harsh Chicago winter, The Autobarn’s storage space was so filled that after a snow storm the company had to move four cars, just to access one.

“We were desperately looking around for storage space,” said Richard Fisher, the owner of Autobarn Ltd.

After searching, Fisher and his company found a spot in Evanston on 6.3 acres of land. The building itself offered 500,000 square feet.

The-Autobarn-Tech-Center-Chicago-News3“The idea that we could have a place with 325 indoor pre-owned cars and about 550 parked outside, started to be an exciting idea that we could turn into reality,” Fisher said.

The Autobarn Tech Center, a new service center, is officially open as of last Monday.

“This is the culmination of years of work,” said Director of Marketing Scott Grafft. “Most people think, ‘Well, it’s a new car dealer, so all they are interested in is selling cars.’ Well, that is true, but it is even more important to service those vehicles capably and with a high degree of quality. That’s actually what brings customers back to shop again for their next new car.”


While the service center specializes in Mazda, Fiat and Alfa Romeo repairs, it is made to service all major car brands. The Autobarn Tech Center offers factory-certified technicians with 1,604 years of service experience combined.

“Cars today are of much higher quality than they have ever been, but they are also much more complicated,” Grafft said. “When things go wrong, they can go really wrong. So you have to have the right equipment, the right experience and the right technical capability to repair the car correctly. We have that at The Autobarn.”


The location, 2201 Autobarn Place, was once home to Shure Microphone’s headquarters and factory. Because of that, now The Autobarn Tech Center became the only service center in the nation that was visited by Elvis Presley himself! Shure was the only microphone brand Presley used, which led him to visit the factory multiple times.

The center is located behind the Target and Best Buy on Howard Street. It offers loaner cars and bikes, as well as shuttles to local train and bus stations, allowing customers to be able to leave the center while their car is being serviced. It will also have the capacity to service 100 to 200 cars a day.


“We are really excited about the prospective of being able to bring this level of volume and organization to Evanston, which is, let’s face it, a crowded city-type atmosphere, and now we are going to have a lot of room to work with,” Fisher said. “This entire project has been a way for us to express our enthusiasm for the cars that we love.”

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