Andersonville’s got it.

Andersonville’s got it.


This tight knit north side community has plenty of offerings throughout the year.  One of the greatest and most fun things about this area is the farmers market in the warmer weather, but lots of great things still are offered year-round in this fun and festive hood.

A great way to spend a fall day would be stopping by a great coffee shop in the late afternoon.  The Coffee Studio on Clark St. is a really cool and interesting place for true coffee lovers to gather.  This coffee shop feels more than, well, a coffee shop.  You get an overall sense of professionalism and love of coffee that makes you curious as to what makes a cup of coffee great.  Take a walk around the neighborhood and you’ll see many adorable shops and interesting places to stop in, but may I suggest the Swedish American Museum? This place will really show you a unique and interesting cultural side of the neighborhood that you may not find otherwise.


After you have some caffeine in your system and some culture on your mind, it’s time to get some food in your belly.  May I suggest Lady Gregory’s or Hopleaf?  Both are in relatively the same area and equally enjoyable. This week’s restaurant review is on Lady Gregory’s, so check out Hop Leaf, another great bar and restaurant spot that will guarantee you some good grub and great drinks with friends.

This area is also home to the very alternative and interesting Neo-Futurists Theater.  A spot that you could catch a show after dinner, or a beer or two.  Be prepared though, this isn’t your standard cut and dry theater, this is experimental, and that may not be for everyone.  For instance, the ongoing show of the moment is “Pseudo-Chum.” Described as, “Pseudo-Chum juxtaposes the creation (The Rehearsal) and the production (The Performance) of Chum with the destruction of the playwright (The Interview).” This is definitely a show for the books.

Of course, when the weather is right, the farmers market is amazing and it’s a shame we missed the dessert crawl this past week, because yum, who doesn’t love a good dessert crawl? Dessert on dessert on dessert.  No use on regretting the past, but better to move forward with life and neighborhood adventures.  Andersonville has you covered, because you can treat yourself any day to some delicious European treats at Andersonville’s Swedish Bakery on Clark.

So get out there and explore.  Especially before it gets too cold.  Fall is a great time to still soak up the wonders and beauty Chicago has to offer, before the impending doom kicks in, I mean winter.  So go out there now, and…Happy exploring!