Chicago News Media Group is a fast growing media company that has already become one of the leading sources for news and entertainment in the Greater Chicago area.
Our flagship publication is The Chicago News | Новости Чикаго, a weekly newspaper that is published in two versions, English and Russian, covering everything that is happening in Chicago and its suburbs – from breaking news to restaurant and theater reviews.
Both papers are in full color and are printed for distribution each weekend, a perfect time for today’s busy consumers to catch up on the local news and events.
The distribution for the two versions starts in the Southwestern suburbs and continues through the Downtown area North to the North Shore and Northwestern suburbs allowing our advertisers to reach the more affluent parts of the Chicagoland area.
The Chicago News is aggressive in assisting our advertisers to see a strong return on their investment, and our mission is to exceed the expectations of our customers.
The Chicago News is strong in breaking news, as well as local stories (the ones that are often not explored in other publications), theater and entertainment with reviews of every major play that is in or around Chicago. Movies are mentioned as well and every week contests are presented to our readers, attracting them to stay tuned for more excitement. This is a bonus for our advertisers who can also participate in these contests for even a greater exposure.
The newspapers are distributed at all of the major chain stores (Starbucks, Whole Foods, Panera, Jewel-Osco, Garden Fresh, Fresh Farms, etc.), as well as through the newspaper boxes located at all major intersections and CTA/Metra stations of Chicago and suburbs.
Our mission is to constantly work with our readers and advertisers in bringing them the best of the best. Come advertise with us and let us “rock your business”!